Everyone loves vacation, right? And one of the best parts is deciding which outfits to bring. But you know you can’t bring different bags for every look (well you could but then the airlines would charge like $8,000 for going over the weight limit). Bring the versatile bag! This is our most versatile bag. Get it? That’s why we named it that! Shopping during the day? This bag is perfect as a messenger bag that is light and easy to carry. Casual and colorful daytime look? Use one of the fabric straps to add to the fun. Oh, you have gold in your outfit? Just change out to a gold strap and accessory to coordinate. Ready for a night out? Clip on our Wristlet strap and you are good to go! Almost every strap works on this bag and it can easily go from day to night. This bag is literally like having hundreds of different bags in one. Try it. We won’t even say we told you so.  Happy Vacationing!

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