Express Yourself

Many of you may be too young to remember Madonna’s Express Yourself song and I don’t think she was talking about bags, but the saying is a good one!  You have so many options to make your bag personal to your own style.  One of my favorite things is putting a bunch of orders together and realizing that no two are alike.  It’s so fun to see what you girls put together.  Sometimes, I think,

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Life is too short to be too serious.  We want to bring the fun back to fashion.  It’s fun to be able to add some color to your look and it’s fun to be able to change it up depending on your mood.  One of our favorite things to do is watch girls create their own bags.  It’s kind of like build a bear only better because after the experience of creating a bag exactly the way you want it,

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Thank you!

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our customers!  When we started this venture, we knew we loved the idea, but weren’t sure what everyone else would think.  Would they like it????   Every note, every picture, every time we see one of you carrying our bags (my apologies to the group of girls I low-key stalked at Target that were carrying our bags), makes us so happy.  You like us. 

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Everyone loves vacation, right? And one of the best parts is deciding which outfits to bring. But you know you can’t bring different bags for every look (well you could but then the airlines would charge like $8,000 for going over the weight limit). Bring the versatile bag! This is our most versatile bag. Get it? That’s why we named it that! Shopping during the day? This bag is perfect as a messenger bag that is light and easy to carry.

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It’s hard for me to pick my 3 favorite things about these bags because I really like them all, but ok, here it goes:

    1. I like the backpack probably because I made my mom make it! Backpacks are really in style right now and they are easy to carry, but this one is different because you can change the straps to match your outfits. One of my favorite straps is the chunky metal one because it goes with everything. 
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When you start a business, I think it’s important to know your WHY. Ok, fine, someone else told me that, but I also think it’s important:-)  Your why is like the train track that makes your business train stay on its course. When someone first asked me what my why was, my answer was that I think this idea is fun and that girls like to have options! While that is the reason behind the idea,

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