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Several years ago, I went to a wedding only to be embarrassed that I had never changed my purse. There I was in a pretty dress with my daytime, work bag. I thought there must be a way where I could easily change up my purse to take it from day to night. I researched and researched and couldn’t find anything like what I had in my head. And so my little dream was born. I gave it a go and poured my heart and soul into this idea.

Only, like so many of you know, life is busy and then I started to second guess myself. So I buried this dream of mine until one day when my girls found all of my supplies and asked me why I wasn’t doing the purses anymore.  I couldn’t bear to tell them that I had simply given up.  How would I encourage them to follow their dreams if I was giving up on mine? That day, I started to make some calls to get going again. They are my inspiration and didn’t allow me to give up. They are also my mini design team and I definitely depend on them for social media help!  I also have my husband, John, who supports me always and my son, Mateo, who helps with stocking and also has some very good ideas of his own….stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of our dream.
We hope you love your Mila Marie products and that our dream encourages you
to follow yours!


valerie, MILLA gabrielle, and claudia MARIE


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